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Andrew Starkey

Owner and Winemaker

Managing member and Winemaker. 


Aaron Starkey

In Loving Memory

Aaron Starkey, who was initally the spearhead of the company, has passed since it’s inception. We hope to honor his memory through our work.

“A Memorable Experience that Gives”

     We reside in the beautiful and welcoming town of Elkton. We encourage those unfamiliar with our town to explore and support the other wonderful local businesses in the area. 

         Feel free to visit our friends at the Elkton Brewery to taste some of there many great beers.

        Bring the family and visit our local creamier and be served many kinds of lovely ice creams, teas, sandwiches, and more.

         Treat the family to dinner and visit one of the many fantastic restaurants in the area. You have access to all this and more


“Preserving a Centuries-Old Tradition”

    Chateau Virginia  aims to embrace and execute a mission to help save the world’s most sustainable winegrowing and finest winemaking methods from going extinct while creating true and convenient American access to the finest and healthiest wines and champagnes of the Old World and beyond. Up until now, these small, independent grower-producer wines are only found while on European travel or in the few most fortunate, exclusive high-end restaurants in the USA.

    Wine-making is a centuries-old tradition, one that is being threatened by rapid industrialization, climate change, and various economic factors. Preserving this tradition is at the core of what Cuvee Direct is all about. The biggest threat to this tradition by far is the rapid industrialization and monopolization of the industry. This is particularly damaging to the consumer because, as the powerhouse brands consolidate, they continue to abandon their once authentic practice in pursuit of volume over quality, resulting in lower quality, inorganic wines that have a greater negative impact on the environment.


In an effort to preserve these precious traditions, we will work hard to support and spread awareness for family wineries and independent producers that work fiercely to fight and maintain organic methods to provide quality and value. In doing so, we aim to bring a level of quality in wines that has been largely inexperienced by the American public, and to do so at a more affordable price.

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